Video of Teen Beating Death Released

Four teens have been arrested for the brutal murder of Chicago honor student Derrion Albert, CNN reports, following the release of a digital video recording of Albert’s death. Nineteen-year-old Silvanus Shannon admitted during police questioning on Monday night that authorities correctly identified him as the man in the video who jumps on Albert’s head while he is lying on the ground, cracking his skull. Prosecutors say that Shannon and his alleged accomplices—16-year-old Eric Carson, 18-year-old Eugene Riley, and 17-year-old Eugene Bailey—have been charged with murder, and at least three are being held without bail. Prosecutors say Albert was an “innocent bystander” on his way to the bus stop when a street fight broke out near his school in Chicago’s South Side. The video, shot by a witness, has appeared on national television and YouTube, and was also turned over to the police. It depicts Riley hitting Albert on the head with a railroad tie, Shannon stomping on his head, and others kicking him while he lays in varying states of consciousness. In the background, a female voice says “Derrion, get up!” as several teens struggle to help Albert as his attackers dissipate.