Missouri Primary

Vet Releases New Campaign Ad

Jason Kander is a military vet running for secretary of state in Missouri. He announced his candidacy last year—almost immediately after Democratic incumbent Robin Carnahan announced she'd be retiring. He's been embraced by members of the national Democratic Party and is slated to win his state's upcoming primary against Bangladesh-born MD Rabbi Alam, also a U.S. Army vet. Kander is out with a new YouTube ad touting his experience in Afghanistan. "I've stood up for my country and been in a place that's really dangerous," he says, explaining that he joined the Army because of 9/11. "We talk about political courage here at home, but I've been in a place where you had to have real courage to get up and go to work each day. So as a result it made it easy for me in public service to make what people call the hard decisions."