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Vaping Is a ‘One Way Bridge’ to Smoking for Kids: Report

Vaping nicotine damages health, is highly addictive, and is a “one-way bridge” to smoking, a panel of lung experts from the Forum of International Respiratory Societies has said. In a major report from Washington University in St. Louis, the experts say e-cigarettes are risking re-normalizing smoking and undoing years of progress in public health. The experts suggest flavorings should be banned as part of tougher restrictions on vaping products and that public parks and areas outside schools should become “vape-free zones.” Prof. Tom Ferkol said: “If you look at the evidence on why teenagers and children use e-cigarettes, there are three common reasons: curiosity, flavoring ,and low-perceived harm. With all the flavorings, such as strawberries and cream, you can easily see why children are attracted to them.”