Box Office

Vampires Suck Cash From Wallets

After a huge $35.7 million opening night for blood-sucking teen drama Twilight, one thing is definitively clear—vampires are the new zombies. Twilight’s big Friday is thanks in part to the popularity of midnight screenings of the much-hyped movie on Friday. Production company Summit Entertainment, which already has a sequel in the works, expects the adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's novel to bring in $74.3 million by the end of the weekend. Much of Twilight's success can be attributed to a rabid teenage girl fan base that got a little rambunctious during the film's press tour, mobbing its stars and requesting bites from leading man and rising star Robert Pattinson. Quantum of Solace, the latest entry into the James Bond cannon, was number two Friday, with an $8.6 million showing, bringing its eight-day earnings to $91.4 million.