VA Student's Body Believed Found

Police in Albemarle County, Virginia, say they believe they’ve found the body of Morgan Harrington, the 20-year-old woman who disappeared after leaving a Metallica concert last October. A partly skeletonized body of a female with long blond hair and wearing dark clothes—which fits Harrington’s description—was discovered in a remote hayfield. Police didn’t comment on the physical evidence at the scene, but remarked that the hay would have been waist high at the time she went missing. The Virginia Tech student’s disappearance remains shrouded in mystery. Her parents begged for clues from authorities, and they came a few at a time. First the Harringtons’ learned police had found their daughter’s cellphone and purse on the concert grounds. They pleaded for help nationally, going on the Today show and Dr. Phil and offering a $100,000 reward. Metallica offered an additional $50,000. The father of Elizabeth Smart (who was kidnapped and found alive) rallied people in the Charlottesville community, and a thousand people combed the last places Harrington was seen. Three weeks later, police revealed that basketball players from the University of Virginia saw Harrington the night she died. They say the players don’t know what happened.