Crime of Passion

UVA Lacrosse Player Admits Attack

University of Virginia lacrosse player George Huguely—the 22-year-old accused of killing his girlfriend—has told police he broke into her bedroom by kicking in her door, shook her, and banged her head up against a wall, according to court documents cited by ABC News. Officials said an autopsy would be performed Tuesday to reveal the official cause of death of Yeardley Love, 22, also a varsity lacrosse player. Huguely has been charged with first-degree murder, but his lawyer said Love’s death was “an accident with a tragic outcome.” Police withheld details about a possible motive and information from the students’ families in order to build a stronger case. Huguely and Love dated for about 18 months, but friends told ABC News that Huguely had a temper and alcohol problems.