USC Star's Nephew-Saving Story Doubted

USC has received several calls questioning football player Josh Shaw's story that he broke both his ankles while saving his nephew from drowning. Shaw had said he sprained his ankles Saturday night because he jumped from the second story of an apartment to save his 7-year-old nephew, who he said was struggling in a swimming pool. “Within the last few hours or so, we've gotten a few phone calls contradicting what Josh said occurred Saturday night, so we're going to continue to vet. We're looking at it,” said USC football coach Steve Sarkisian. He did say Shaw is a “good person and a good kid” and that he has “no reason and no history to not believe Josh.” Since Shaw's story was publicized, there have been growing doubts about its veracity, especially as the media wanted to speak with Shaw and his nephew. Last week, shaw was voted captain of the football team.