U.S. Will Talk to Iran

What once was a ubiquitous campaign debate is now reality for the White House: The U.S. is accepting an offer by Iran to hold unconditional talks. According to The New York Times, the decision will entail sending a senior American representative along with emissaries from five other countries to meet with Iranian officials. Expectations are low for the meeting, however, as Iranian leaders continue to insist they will accept no compromises over their nuclear program and the recent election crisis in Iran further complicates matters. “We’ll be looking to see if they are willing to engage seriously on these issues,” a State Department spokesman told the Times. “If we have talks, we will plan to bring up the nuclear issue.” Then-candidate Obama repeatedly pledged in 2008 to negotiate with the Iranian leadership over nuclear proliferation without preconditions, in contrast to the Bush administration's insistence that the rogue state curb its nuclear program before sitting down at the table.