U.S. Servicemen Guarding Nukes Took LSD on Missile Base

Service members on a U.S. nuclear-missile base in Wyoming took LSD and experienced mind-blowing acid trips, Air Force records obtained by the Associated Press show. The airmen, who were entrusted with guarding nuclear missiles, were among those who bought, distributed, and used LSD and other mind-altering illegal drugs as part of a ring that operated undetected for months on a highly secure military base in Wyoming in 2016. Generally it seems, the trips, which were administered via perforated white paper, were good: On one occasion, airmen watched YouTube videos and “then went longboarding on the streets of Denver while high on LSD.” Another airman testified, “I absolutely just loved altering my mind.” However not all users experienced the same positive reactions. One airman is quoted as saying, “I’m dying! When is this going to end?” during an LSD experience in February 2016 at Curt Gowdy State Park, about 20 miles west of Cheyenne, where the F.E. Warren Air Base is located. Fourteen airmen were disciplined. Six of them were convicted in courts martial of LSD use or distribution or both. The drug activity took place during off-duty hours, a spokesperson said.