U.S. Tracking Libya Killers

An eye for an eye. After the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, left four Americans dead on Sept. 11, President Obama vowed that “justice will be done” to the killers responsible. Now, the first steps are being made toward retribution. According to senior counterterrorism officials, the military’s top-secret Joint Special Operations Command has begun collecting “target packages” on the suspected militants that could be used to either capture or kill those deemed complicit in the attacks. The report says that Obama’s options for retaliation include drone strikes, special ops raids, and joint missions with Libyan military. New prime minister Mustafa Abu Shagur recently told Al Jazeera he disagrees with unilateral American military action. “We will not accept anyone entering inside Libya,” Shagur said. “That would infringe on sovereignty and we will refuse.”