U.S. Tourist Claims She Was Drugged, Gang-Raped in India

Indian authorities arrested four men Monday after a 25-year-old American woman said she was drugged and gang-raped while visiting Delhi this year. The tourist said she was given spiked water in her hotel room and then sexually assaulted by five men over two days. She said she returned to the U.S. with “no memory of what happened to me while I was in India.” She added, “I regained my memory three months later around the end of July, and that’s when I took action.” An investigation was launched in India a few weeks ago, after she filed a complaint through a U.S. institution. Dependra Pathak, a police spokesman in Delhi, said the arrested suspects—between ages 20 and 24—include a cleaner, a tour guide, a driver, and a man who worked at the Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotel. The suspects all so far contend that they are falsely accused. But the woman, who has not been identified, called the arrests a “positive step.”