U.S. Sees Opportunity in Iran Bombshell

The White House plans to tell Iran this week that it must open up all of its nuclear sites for inspection and hand over notebooks and computers about its suspected plan to build nuclear weapons within the next three months, The New York Times reports. Fresh on the heels of the revelation that Iran was concealing a nascent uranium-enrichment plant, the Obama administration senses it has unprecedented leverage in its negotiations this week in Geneva. Even Iran's ally Russia has rebuked the country following last week's bombshell. On Thursday, the United States will join talks with Iran for the first time in 30 years as a full participant, and the meeting may be a turning point in the West's quest to gain access to off-limits nuclear facilities. On Saturday, Iran's nuclear chief said the U.N. was free to search its formerly hidden site, but the White House is expected to demand interviews with scientists and access to all nuclear sites.