Slow Down

U.S. May Require Brake-Override System

As Toyota continues to struggle in the wake of its recalls due to unintended acceleration, the Obama administration is now considering a proposal that would require all U.S. cars to include new brake-override system technology, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood revealed Tuesday. LaHood told the Senate Commerce Committee that the equipment is designed to stop a car even when both the gas and brakes are in use. Toyota is installing the “smart-pedal” technology in some current models and most new cars. LaHood also told Congress that he will raise the same points when he visits Japan, where the Toyota issues have led to broader concerns about trade with the U.S. Though some senators challenged LaHood and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for ignoring possibly faulty electronic systems as opposed to mechanical issues, such as floor mats and gas pads, NHTSA investigated Toyota’s electronic throttle system in 2003, according to a document cited at the hearing on Tuesday.