U.S. Guarding Its Own Guards

The U.S. has resorted to guarding its own contracted ArmorGroup guards in Kabul, after photos surfaced that showed nude guards and supervisors engaging in frat-like initiation rituals. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ordered an investigation into the guards' behavior, and the U.S. embassy in the Afghan capital has banned alcohol and assigned American personnel to watch over them in the meantime. There are about 450 contracted guards stationed at the Camp Sullivan compound in Kabul, where an independent watchdog group said a "Lord of the Flies" atmosphere prevails. "Hazing" rituals include wild drinking games, pouring beer down the naked back sides of recruits, and forcing recruits to eat chips from clenched rear-ends, The Telegraph reports. An ArmorGroup guard was accused of shooting dead two colleagues in a drunken fight last month.