U.S.-Germany Tensions Rise

The NATO airstrike that appears to have killed Afghan citizens is causing a rift between allies Germany and the U.S., as questions remain over Germany's role in ordering the attack. Afghan officials estimate the death toll at 70 from the airstrike on Taliban militants who had stolen two tanker trucks of fuel. Villagers had gathered around the trucks to siphon off gas when the attacks occurred, and now both the U.S. and Germany are attempting to deflect blame. The U.S. and NATO Commander Gen. Stanley McChrystal visited the site on Saturday and said German troops were too slow to visit the site of the bombing on Friday. "I can honestly say it was a mistake," the commander of the German base told McChrystal. The German defense minister stands behind the commander's decision to strike, saying the militants could have used the tankers as suicide bombs. German troops have been criticized for avoiding combat operations in the region.