War on Terror

U.S. Drone Strikes in Pakistan Kill 18

Two U.S. drone strikes hit Pakistan’s tribal region on Monday killing 18 alleged militants, according to Pakistani intelligence officials. These aerial assaults were the latest in a string targeting insurgents in North Waziristan, an area located in Pakistan’s violent tribal region bordering Afghanistan that’s known to be a haven for Afghan and Pakistani Taliban and al Qaeda terrorists. In one of the attacks, a drone fired four missiles on a suspected militants’ vehicle killing four, according to two intelligence officials. In the second attack, a drone reportedly fired two missiles on a militant hideout, killing 12, according to officials. These drone strikes bring the total number of them to 108 this year, as opposed to 52 in 2009, according to CNN’s Islamabad Bureau, and the U.S. is the only country in the region with the known ability to launch remote-controlled missiles from drones.