Nuke Summit

U.S., China Join to Tackle Iran

First Ukraine agreed to give up its stash of enriched uranium, now this development out of Obama’s two-day nuclear-security summit: The U.S. president and China’s President Hu Jintao have reached an agreement on pushing for sanctions over Iran’s nuclear program, according to The New York Times. If all goes according to plan, a resolution could be drafted in weeks. "They are prepared to work with us,” said the National Security Council’s Jeff Bader. "The two presidents agreed the two delegations should work together on sanctions." The leaders also discussed the sensitive issue of the Chinese currency, which Obama believes is “purposely undervalued,” according to the Times, harming American exports while keeping Chinese products cheaper. The hour-and-a-half meeting came shortly after the announcement that Ukraine agreed to eliminate its nuclear materials—the first concrete success for the summit.