U.S. Applications to Canadian Colleges Surge After Trump Win

Colleges in Canada say Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S. presidential election has fueled a rise in applications from U.S. students. The University of Toronto, for one, reported a 70 percent rise in U.S. applications compared to last year, while McMaster University saw a 34 percent increase, according to the Associated Press. At the same time, many Canadian colleges have ramped up their recruiting efforts following Trump’s shocking victory. One student interviewed by the AP, Lara Godoff, said she completely scrapped any notion of staying in the U.S. after the election results came in. “If we live in a country where so many people could elect Donald Trump, then that's not a country I want to live in,” she was quoted saying. Some recruiters at U.S. universities also say Trump’s win has deterred prospective foreign students from studying in the U.S. “I think everybody in international education is a little uneasy, in part because some of the rhetoric in the campaign frightened people overseas,” Stephen Dunnett, the University at Buffalo’s vice provost for international education, was cited saying in the report.