Car Talk

Up, Up, And Away

Say goodbye to gridlock, the flying car is coming. Announcing the Autovolantor, an adapted Ferrari 599 GTB that can take off when the traffic gets too heavy. “To hop over a roadblock, the driver would pop open four small wings that help propel and then stabilize the vehicle in midair. The car can hover above ground for 15 minutes or so, reaching up to 100 mph and 2,500 feet,” writes the New York Daily News. It’s a snip at $3 million. The company was commissioned by a Russian oligarch who was fed up with being stuck in Moscow’s jams. "Since the vehicle is so stable, a 10-year-old can fly this machine," said Paul Moller, chairman of the company that made the breakthrough. Which parent would be rash enough to entrust a 10-year-old with a $3 million flying Ferrari he didn’t say.