Unruly Passengers Plague Skies

Something's in the air. On Friday, three separate scares grounded three flights, two in the U.S. and one in the U.K, causing the planes to divert course. An intoxicated man flying on AirTran Airways Flight 39 from Atlanta to San Francisco locked himself in the lavatory, causing the plane to land at Colorado Springs Airport. On another flight from Las Vegas to Hawaii, a man accused of harassing a woman forced the aircraft to land at Los Angeles airport. The third incident occurred outside the U.S., on a flight bound for Dubai. An unnamed white man caused a flight delay at Heathrow after "uttering a hoax threat" before takeoff. The man was removed and more than one arrest was made. The incidents fall shortly behind the alleged Nigerian Undie bomber on Christmas, and reinforce the need for a tightening of airline security.