Unions: We All Support Hillary Clinton

A group representing more than 20 unions, which includes more than 10 million workers, said Monday that it is backing Hillary Clinton. The statement appears to knock down a narrative that emerged in the past week that union voters have been split closely between the two Democratic presidential candidates. “Secretary Clinton has proven herself as the fighter and champion working people and their families need in the White House. That is why, of all unions endorsing a candidate in the Democratic primary, the vast majority of the membership in these unions has endorsed her,” the group said in a statement. Speculation had surfaced regarding the AFL-CIO’s refusal to endorse Bernie Sanders or Clinton. Richard L. Trumka, the organization’s president, said last week, “I have concluded that there is broad consensus for the AFL-CIO to remain neutral in the presidential primaries for the time being.” Larry Cohen, a senior adviser to Sanders and past president of the Communications Workers of America, has said, “I would say overall that union members are divided.”