That's a Wrap

Ugly Betty Ends Tonight

Betty Suarez has come a long way from her Guadalajara poncho in four seasons. In preparation for Wednesday’s series finale of Ugly Betty, cast members looked back on the groundbreaking series at a charity auction for Save the Children earlier this week. Most of the actors noted Ugly Betty’s uniqueness and cultural significance. “There was nothing that looked like it or felt like it,” actress America Ferrera, who plays Betty Suarez said of the show’s beginning. “There had never been a TV show that centered around a young, smart Latina girl. And that was huge.” Ana Ortiz, who plays Betty’s sister, Hilda, echoed Ferrera’s sentiment. “It’s really about representing working-class, real, blue-collar families when most of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck and figuring out how to pay our health care. It just wasn’t being shown on TV.” Mark Indelicato, who plays Hilda’s recently openly gay son Justin, likened Betty to Lady Gaga. “A lot of people don’t understand her, but you love her,” he said. The series finale of Ugly Betty airs tonight on ABC.