Uber Suspends Driver in Australia Over ‘Bomb Plot’

Uber suspended one of its drivers in Australia over alleged comments he made to a passenger, reportedly admitting involvement in an ISIS-related organization and a plot to blow up its capital city’s Parliament House. The Canberra driver told the woman he intended to blow up a shopping mall and the government seat, Uber said Monday. The female passenger told the Associated Press that she had hailed a ride after a night drinking with friends, and the Uber driver at one point asked if she had “ever eaten human flesh.” She told the news agency that the driver said he was not planning to take her home. Eventually, she asked to pull over at a gas station so she could use the restroom. Once there, she called the police from inside. Police said they didn't find anything suspicious when searching the driver’s vehicle, so they took the passenger home and made no arrests. A police statement said: “Police conducted initial background checks and established there was no threat to the public or the complainant.” An investigation into the driver is ongoing, with the assistance of national-security agencies. The driver allegedly did not dispute the allegations. “I want Uber to be doing a lot more screening of the people that they’re bringing on, because apparently it’s not doing enough,” the woman later said.