Uber Picks Expedia Chief Dara Khosrowshahi as New CEO

Uber has hired former Expedia leader Dara Khosrowshahi as its new chief executive officer, The New York Times reported Sunday. While leading Expedia, Khosrowshahi was the highest paid CEO in the country, making $94.6 million in 2015. The two other finalists for the Uber position were reportedly Jeffrey Immelt, the former chief of General Electric, and Meg Whitman, the chief of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. Uber executives are hoping that choosing Khosrowshahi ends a contentious period for the ride-hailing company, which has been without a CEO since its co-founder, Travis Kalanick, stepped down from the job in June. In recent months, the company has faced several scandals, including sexual-harassment accusations, a Department of Justice criminal investigation, and an intellectual-property dispute. (Barry Diller, chairman and senior executive of IAC, the parent company of The Daily Beast, also serves in those top roles at Expedia.)