Uber Faces FBI Probe Over Defunct Internal Program Targeting Rival Lyft

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s New York office is investigating whether Uber used software to illegally interfere with its ride-share competitor, Lyft, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The FBI and the Manhattan U.S. attorney's office are specifically looking into Uber's now--defunct internal program called “Hell,” which could track drivers working for the rival service. The program, which was discontinued last year, reportedly created fake Lyft customer accounts and tricked the app's system into thinking a ride was being requested, allowing Uber to track nearby Lyft drivers and the offered prices. It could also determine drivers who worked for both companies so Uber could potentially offer them cash incentives to leave Lyft. The investigation is looking to determine whether the program constituted unauthorized access of a computer. Uber is facing at least two other federal investigations way into the company's practices.