Tyra Banks Under Fire For Praising Model's Tiny Waist

Despite hosting a plus-sized model search earlier this year, America’s Next Top Model host Tyra Banks has come under fire for praising a model baring “the smallest waist in the world,” according to The Telegraph. In a trailer for the forthcoming season, “Ann from Dallas” emerged before the panel in a waist-hugging corset, to which Tyra exclaimed, “You have the smallest waist in the world,” before turning to her fellow judges and saying, “There's something about her that I like.” One of the other judges, J Alexander, was unnerved by the size and gripped Ann's waist to demonstrate how terribly thin she was. Tyra’s reaction has come under heavy fire, with gossip site Jezebel saying, “Given her history, Tyra probably doesn't want to promote a totally unrealistic image of female anatomy. But by going gaga for a girl who's almost certainly shrunk her already tiny waist using corsets, that's exactly what she's doing.”