TX Professors Told to Avoid Offending Campus Carriers

While Texas universities prepare for the state's new campus carry law taking effect August 1, faculty members at the University of Houston have been told they should avoid sensitive subjects in class that might instigate those with weapons. The law will allow anyone licensed for concealed carry to bring weapons onto campus, except at private schools that have chosen to forbidden it. A slideshow prepared by the UH faculty senate advised some professors to just not "go there" if they sense anger and "drop certain items" from their curriculum in order to avoid uncomfortable classroom situations once guns enter the picture. "The faculty are increasingly unhappy with the law," said Jonathan Snow, president of the senate and a member of the working group trying to determine guidelines for where guns can and cannot be brought on campus. "I've been screamed at. I've been accused of complicity. It's been kind of rough." The University of Texas at Austin said last week that it will ban guns from dorms but allow them in classrooms. Texas' law does allow private schools to ban guns from campus, and many, including Rice University and Baylor University, have taken advantage of that option.