Two Protesters Killed in Venezuela Unrest

Two protesters have been killed in Venezuela’s ongoing protests, bringing the death toll to more than three dozen as the unrest continues into its second month. The victims have been identified as 18-year-old Luis Alviarez and 33-year-old Diego Hernandez. Both were killed during separate protests in the state of Tachira on Monday. Dozens of others were reportedly injured when buildings were set on fire and rocks hurled during the demonstrations. Protests in other areas were equally violent, with three police officers reportedly shot in the state of Carabobo and protesters run over in Lara. Nationwide protests have caused chaos in the country for nearly seven weeks as demonstrators demand the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro, whom they accuse of running a dictatorship. The demonstrations come as the country struggles with a dying economy and severe food shortages that have left many residents starving. Maduro has hit back against protesters, saying they’re working for the country’s business elite to stage a coup.