Two Groups Claim Medic Killings

A day after a team of 10 medics was found slain in northern Afghanistan, the search for the gunmen is under way. But it seems that militant groups are tripping over each other to claim responsibility. First, the Hizb-e-Islami group said it had murdered the medics, who were providing eye care as part of the International Assistance Mission. And then the Taliban came forward to say it killed them because they were Christian missionaries, before changing their minds and accusing them of working as military spies. "The whole thing is still very confusing,” said Dirk Frans, the director of the Kabul-based IAM. “We are of course going to wait for the official investigation and see what comes out of that.” Six members of the group were American, with one German, one Briton, and two Afghans. According to the local police chief, who interviewed their Afghan driver and was the lone survivor, the group was led into a dense forest, lined up, and shot.