Two Charged in Waldorf Astoria Shooting

WABC-TV reports that two Brooklyn men have been charged in connection with a shooting in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on Saturday night, after the gun one of the men was carrying discharged accidentally, injuring four people. Vladimir Gotlibovsky, 42, is charged with tampering with physical evidence, reckless endangerment and assault with criminal negligence. Felix Gotlibovsky, 51, is charged with criminal possession of a firearm and tampering with physical evidence. Vladimir's gun, which he reportedly had in his pants pocket, went off accidentally as photographs were being taken, and a bullet struck the marble floor and ricocheted before hitting a wedding guest in the head. (She was taken to a hospital and treated.) Four other guests were injured by shattered glass and marble as well. The bride and groom weren't even married before the discharge, but they eventually completed the religious part of the ceremony. The hotel then asked everyone to leave by 10 p.m.