Twitter Wrecks Dershowitz for Complaining About Martha’s Vineyard ‘Shunning’

Twitter dragged lawyer Alan Dershowitz on Monday after he penned an op-ed complaining about the social “shunning” he’s received on Martha’s Vineyard for defending President Trump’s civil liberties. “What kind of world do we live in when Alan Dershowitz gets side eyes at Martha’s Vineyard and Sarah Sanders is politely asked to leave a Red Hen restaurant? The end of civility. The end of decency. The end of righteous outrage,” New York Times op-ed contributor Wajahat Ali tweeted. “Please say a prayer for Alan Dershowitz,” tweeted Pod Save America co-host and former Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor. “His friends on Martha’s Vineyard are being mean to him.” Dershowitz claimed that his peers were “trying to ban him” from social life on the tony Massachusetts island because of his defenses of Trump. Despite stating that he was “not a Trump supporter,” he likened his treatment to 1950s McCarthyism.