Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Won’t Say If Trump Calling for Murder Would Get Him Banned

In an interview with HuffPost, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wouldn’t confirm that President Trump would get banned from Twitter if he called on his followers to kill a journalist. The response was only one of Dorsey’s several vague responses. Dorsey was asked if he would remove Trump if the president “tweeted out asking each of his followers to murder one journalist.” Dorsey responded: “That would be a violent threat. We’d definitely ... You know we’re in constant communication with all governments around the world. So we’d certainly talk about it.”

Dorsey has come under repeated fire for his platform’s inaction in response to harassment on the site, as well as for reportedly consulting with far-right fringe figure Ali Akbar, who is known for his history of anti-Semitic remarks. Dorsey danced around the controversies plaguing his company, suggesting ideas to deal with the problems without providing any concrete plans Twitter has in place to solve them. In response to questions regarding the rampant harassment on Twitter, Dorsey said, “We’re not in a great state right now with our systems because they rely upon reporting. So we’re not going to take any action unless it’s reported. And then we take action, and we have a whole queue that we have to get through... there are limitations to how much we can do.”