Twitter Bans 370 Passwords

The reason so many celebrity Twitter accounts were hacked this year could have something to do with the 370 passwords the online site recently banned, as posted by TechCrunch.com. The extensive list sheds some light on just how un-failproof or sexually charged many users' passwords are. Though Twitter says "The harder to remember, the better," when developing a secure password, some still tried to use "password" or "twitter," prompting those two to be among the banned. Besides the painfully obvious, most of the forbidden passwords include common names, cities, and sports teams. But the more disturbing include childlike offenses, such as "butthead" or "biteme," while "sexsex" and "nipples" also made the list. For the cocky user, "theman" is now barred and the sci-fi nerd can no longer use "gandalf" either. Unfortunately for the skeptical, "trustno1" is also not available anymore. But this ironic prohibited password really says it all: "stupid."