Twitch Bans Star Who Streamed Alleged Assault on Pregnant Partner After Daily Beast Report

A Fortnite star who was allowed back on the popular video game streaming platform Twitch last month after allegedly assaulting his pregnant wife during a livestream has been banned again following a Daily Beast report on the matter. The drama began in December, when Luke “MrDeadMoth” Munday, 26, allegedly hit his 21-year-old partner in sight of the couple’s two children during a Twitch livestream. Munday was banned from Twitch the next day—but his account was reinstated on Dec. 30, prompting a huge outcry on social media. On Friday, Variety reports, he was re-banned, with his Twitch channel taken offline and his VOD's removed from the platform. Twitch has not yet issued a statement on the move. Munday is reportedly due to appear in Australian court to face one charge of common assault later this month.