Twin Blasts Rock Uganda, Killing 30

Two bombs have killed at least 30 people—eportedly including one American—in Uganda's capital, Kampala. The explosions went off at two restaurants where people had gathered to watch the televised World Cup final. Police Chief Kale Kaihura said today he believes that the Somali Al-Shabab militia, which has pledged loyalty to al Qaeda but has never attacked outside of Somalia, may be responsible for the blasts. One of the explosions took place at an Ethiopian restaurant; Al-Shabab is an avowed enemy of Ethiopia. A police officer at the scene of the blasts initially said that at least 20 were killed, though that number has already risen to 30. An Al-Shabab leader did not accept culpability for the attack, but offered a chilling reaction: “Uganda is one of our enemies. Whatever makes them cry, makes us happy.”