‘Twilight’ and ‘Skyfall’ Win on Black Friday

After the horror of all those bloody noses and black eyes at malls around the country on Black Friday, a trip to the movies was looking better than ever. The result: a triumphant day at the box office, with early estimates naming The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Skyfall first and second place, respectively, in box-office sales. Breaking Dawn Part 2—which some critics are calling the lamest installment in the Twilight series—raked in an incredible $17.4 million, putting it on track to hit $63.5 million by Sunday. The newest Bond flick came in second, bringing in an estimated $14.7 million—making it the first in the series to gross more than $200 million domestically. Not too far behind in third was Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, which grossed $9.9 million.