Model Behavior

Twiggy Turns 60

Just in time for her 60th birthday, London’s National Portrait Gallery is opening Twiggy: A Life in Photographs, a collection of snapshots from the supermodel and mod icon’s personal and professional life. To coincide with the exhibit, she talked to The Guardian about today’s models, aging, and her much-discussed weight. She tells the paper that she was “much too thin,” at the height of her career, adding, "I had a look—I can see that now—but I don't think I was beautiful. That look is a total impossibility for women over the age of 20. Fashion has a lot to answer for, doesn't it?” These days, after a brief stint replacing Janice Dickinson (the other “world’s first supermodel”) as a judge on America’s Next Top Model, Twiggy is now the face of Marks and Spencer, a British chain store, and says of her supermodel days, “it's amazing, really, that I didn't go stark raving bonkers."