Was He Sane?

Tucson Prosecutors Want Jared Loughner to Undergo Psychiatric Tests

Prosecutors have asked that Jared Loughner, the man charged with going on a fatal shooting spree in Tucson in January, undergo psychiatric testing before he stands trial. Prosecutors said Loughner’s “online postings are indicative of an individual who may have mental issues” and they want to make sure if he competent to stand trial, something his defense lawyers said they are just looking into now. Loughner’s lawyers have asked for a delay that would start the trial in January 2013, saying “no lawyer or team of lawyers could be ready to defend Mr. Loughner by September 2011.” Loughner is due in court Wednesday to be arraigned on new federal charges tied to the murders of federal Judge John Roll and congressional aide Gabe Zimmerman. Prosecutors are waiting to decide whether they should seek the death penalty against Loughner, who has been charged with 49 felony counts, including murder and attempted murder.