TSA Staff Pranks Flier

Going to the airport is a bigger hassle than ever, but do fliers now have to worry about the security officers? A worker for the Transportation Security Administration is under scrutiny for planting a plastic baggie of white powder in 22-year-old Rebecca Solomon’s carry-on bag, then demanding that she explain how it had gotten into her luggage. “He let me stutter through an explanation for the longest minute of my life,” Solomon wrote in her college newspaper at the University of Michigan. The worker then “waved the baggie at me and told me he was kidding,” Solomon continued. “I have been terrified and disrespected by an airport employee.” Solomon filed a complaint and the worker is no longer employed by the TSA, after receiving “disciplinary action,” though it is unclear whether the man quit or was fired. A spokesman for the agency called the incident “highly inappropriate and unprofessional.”