Trump’s Childhood Home Back on the Market for $2.9 Million

President Trump’s childhood home in Queens, New York, is currently on the market for $2.9 million, The Wall Street Journal reports. The house, a “yellow Tudor-style home” built by Trump’s father in the 1940s, now features miscellaneous Trump memorabilia—including a life-size cutout of Trump and a sign that reads, “In this bedroom, President Donald J. Trump was likely conceived, by his parents, Fred and Mary Trump.” The Journal reports Trump lived in the five-bedroom home until the age of four, when the Trump family moved to a larger place. Similarly sized homes in the Jamaica Estates neighborhood are reportedly asking for about $1.25 million, but the current owner of the home—Trump Birth House LLC—purchased it for $2.14 million last year. The previous owner bought it for almost $1.4 million after Trump was elected, and was renting the space out on Airbnb for about $700 a night. “I think the only reason this house is selling for the kind of money it has is because of the presidential history,” Edward Hickey, the agent handling the sale, told the newspaper.