Trump to Supporters: ‘Pretend We’re Down’ in Polls

Donald Trump has become so confident about his chances of winning the presidency that he now concerned his followers might become complacent and not show up to the polls next Tuesday. "We're doing great with the African-American community. We're doing great with the Hispanic community," Trump said from Miami on Wednesday, without providing evidence, before citing lines for early voting "four, five and six blocks long." But when he told the crowd he's "way up" in the Florida polls, Trump stopped himself. "I shouldn't say that, because I want you to go vote!" he said. "OK, ready? We're gonna pretend we're down." According to the major polling models, Trump currently has at best a 30% chance of winning the election and is still trailing Clinton ever so slightly in Florida, a must-win state for him that Clinton can lose and still reach 270 electoral votes in most scenarios. So for now, at least, he can stop "pretending."