Trump to Reporters: ‘I Never Worked for Russia’

President Trump on Monday stated to White House reporters that he had never worked on behalf of Russia, just hours after a blockbuster CNN report alleged the FBI debated whether or not Trump was following direct orders from the Kremlin when he fired FBI Director James Comey. “I have never worked for Russia,” Trump said. “Not only did I never work for Russia, I think it’s a disgrace that you even asked that question. Because it’s a whole big fat hoax.” Transcripts of FBI general counsel James Baker’s interviews with House investigators cited by CNN, however, suggest deep concerns within the Justice Department. Baker claims the FBI was working to determine if Trump was “acting at the behest of and somehow following directions, somehow executing [Russia’s] will” in the days following Comey’s firing. Baker told investigators, however, that “That was one extreme. The other extreme is that the president is completely innocent, and we discussed that too... We need to investigate, because we don’t know whether, you know, the worst-case scenario is possibly true or the president is totally innocent and we need to get this thing over with—and so he can move forward with his agenda.”