Trump Seeks Names of Those Countering Violent Extremism

President-elect Donald Trump has once again asked for a list of names of government officials—this time, his team is looking for staffers who work on programs that counter violent extremism. Reuters reports that Trump's team requested lists from the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security. The specified programs involve those tasked with preventing violence by such extremists, including those recruited by militant Islamist groups. It is not clear why Trump's team requested the names. "They're picking a few issues to ask for people's names," an unnamed government official told Reuters. Many have expressed concern that Trump is looking for names of staffers on issues that will be pushed aside—or even cut—by the new administration. Trump has asked for the names of staffers working on climate change issues in the Department of Energy. He has also requested a list from the State Department identifying which workers focus on gender equality and ending violence against women.