Trump Says Will Not Admit Refugees Without Local Support

While speaking in Minneapolis on Sunday, Donald Trump said he would not admit refugees to the U.S. without local support, insinuating that refugees from the Middle East are likely to become terrorists. Trump said Minnesota had already suffered from “faulty” vetting of Somali Muslim refugees, a reference to a September stabbing attack in St. Cloud. “A Trump administration will not admit any refugees without the support of the local community,” he said. Trump went on to say of the state’s refugees: “Some of them, they’re joining ISIS, they’re spreading their extremist views all over the country.” The Republican nominee made similar comments while speaking in Michigan on Sunday. There, he said the situation with refugees was “disgraceful.” “Here in Michigan, you’ve seen firsthand the problems caused with the refugee program... it puts your security at risk and it puts enormous pressure on your schools and your community resources,” he said. Trump has repeatedly come under fire for his proposal to crack down on Muslims and refugees fleeing war and violence in the Middle East. The Obama administration has spoken in favor of accepting more Syrian refugees, a move which Hillary Clinton supported.