Trump Says ‘People Would Revolt’ If He's Impeached: Reuters

President Donald Trump has warned that the country would erupt in chaos if he were impeached, Reuters reports. “I’m not concerned, no,” Trump told Reuters reporters when asked if he worries about impeachment in an Oval Office interview. “I think that the people would revolt if that happened,” he was quoted as saying, echoing his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who made the exact same prediction in August. “It’s hard to impeach somebody who hasn’t done anything wrong and who’s created the greatest economy in the history of our country,” Trump said. He went on to insist there was “no violation” in hush-money payments made by his then-lawyer Michael Cohen to silence women who said they had affairs with him ahead of the 2016 election—payments he had previously claimed to have no knowledge of. “Michael Cohen is a lawyer,” the president said. “He’s supposed to know what to do. That’s what you rely on people for."