Trump Rejects Advice to Act Presidential

Reality-TV star Donald Trump is reportedly punishing new campaign adviser Paul Manafort for trying to make him appear more presidential. Manafort apparently told Republican officials that the candidate was “projecting an image” and would soon start to tone down his controversial rhetoric. Trump didn’t like that, according to a Politico report. Despite having recently rearranged his team to pull power away from notorious arm-grabber/campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Trump is now reversing those actions as a result of Manafort “overstepping his bounds,” the site reports. “Everyone coming in now thinks they’re going to be able to manhandle him and he’s not going to let it happen,” an operative close to Trump told Politico. “These consultants are used to being smarter than their candidate and in this scenario, the candidate is smarter and willing to risk more than you are.”