That’ll Do, Rudy

Trump Mulls Barring Giuliani From TV Interviews After String of Gaffes

Rudy Giuliani’s theatrical and bumbling media blitz could sadly be drawing to an end as Donald Trump is reportedly mulling benching him from TV interviews until the lawyer gets a firmer grasp of the president’s intended message. Two unnamed sources familiar with the matter told the Associated Press that Trump has become angered by Giuliani’s repeatedly off-message appearances, which have created confusion over Trump's personal involvement in the hush money paid to actress Stormy Daniels and might have caused problems for the president in the special counsel’s Russia probe. Giuliani, a recent addition to the president’s legal team, surprised the White House last week when he seemed to contradict Trump by saying the president was aware of the $130,000 payout to Daniels from his personal attorney, Michael Cohen. Trump publicly chided Giuliani on Friday, saying the lawyer needed to “get his facts straight.”