Trump: Michael Cohen Is a ‘Liar,’ ‘Weak Person’

President Trump on Thursday struck out at his former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, calling him “a weak person” shortly after Cohen admitted in federal court to making false statements to Congress about Trump’s real-estate dealings in 2017. Trump also labeled Cohen a “liar” and “not a very smart person,” ABC News correspondent Karen Travers reported. When asked why he would work with such a person for many years, Trump simply responded, “A long time ago he did me a favor.” The comments come as Trump prepares for a 10-hour flight to Argentina for the G-20 summit. Trump’s comment is almost certainly directed at the statements Cohen made in federal court this morning, which include his claim that he made false statements to Congress “to be consistent with Individual-1’s political messaging and to be loyal to Individual-1.” “Individual-1” has previously been identified as Trump.