Trump: ‘Major, Major’ Conflict With N. Korea Possible

In an interview with Reuters published Thursday night, President Trump said “There is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea. Absolutely,” in regards to the standoff over the country’s nuclear and missile programs. This comes just a day after a senior administration official told The Daily Beast that there are no good military options. He emphasized that he would still like to resolve the conflict diplomatically however. “We’d love to solve things diplomatically, but it’s very difficult,” Trump said. The president also praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for his assistance in attempting to rein in North Korea. “I believe he is trying very hard. He certainly doesn’t want to see turmoil and death. He doesn’t want to see it. He is a good man. He is a very good man and I got to know him very well,” Trump said. “With that being said, he loves China and he loves the people of China. I know he would like to be able to do something, perhaps it’s possible that he can’t.”