Trump-Loving Substitute Teacher Fired for Spreading MLK Conspiracies and Insulting Black Students

A substitute teacher in a North Carolina fifth-grade music class has been fired after insulting black students and spreading conspiracies that Martin Luther King, Jr. committed suicide, The Washington Post reports. The father of Rand Road Elementary student Nathan Byrd posted details of the reported slurs on Facebook, including how the teacher told his son that the clothing choices of the black students “set them up for prison.” The teacher, who apparently quoted President Trump to the students, also claimed the children were “one mistake away” from jail. “It made me feel at that time discriminated against; it was like she was trying to put us black kids down as if we were nothing,” Nathan said in an interview. “I told her, ‘You’re predicting my future that hasn’t happened. I’m 10 years old and you’re older than me; you’re telling me based on my clothing I’m going to prison?’ If she has a problem with it, that’s her decision.”